My Refrigerator is Confusing

Last year my wife and I bought a new fridge. It's big, it's black and it holds a lot of food -- it was everything we needed. It's a single-door bottom-freezer unit and we're very happy with it, especially when we remember what it replaced, but there's something that's been driving me crazy about it since the day it arrived...

Right in front are the temperature controls for both the fridge and the freezer that are pretty straight forward. Simple up-and-down arrows and a big digital display for each -- a child could figure this out, right?

But wait... is the freezer just barely colder than the refrigerator? No, that can't be right -- if that were true either my milk would be freezing or my ice would be melting... and besides, both defaults are 4. Yeah, everything's fine -- that's a relief!

No. This is stupid! I should never have had to go through that thought process and my wife shouldn't have had to ask me about it.

The designers are encouraging comparison by putting the fridge and freezer temperature controls right next to each other, but they're using the same scale of abstracted measurement for two very different temperatures. '4' shouldn't mean 32° mere inches from where it means 60°. I get that the designers would have had constraints, but I would prefer it if they either used a fixed unit of measurement (Fahrenheit or Celsius) or split the controls by putting one in the refrigerator and one in the freezer.

One more gripe that might support my latter suggestion, do these controls have to be right up front and in the middle? Do users have to adjust the temperature enough to compromise clearance? Don't get me wrong, I like my fridge, but the controls are confusing and I can barely fit bottles in the middle -- it's a pain in the ass.