Mobile Phones Rock

In response to Mobile Phones Suck, I'm in love with my cell phone and all it took was a fried motherboard.

About a week ago I woke up and my Evo 3D wouldn't turn on. I tried everything I could, including various chargers, battery swaps and weirdo button combinations. No luck.

I took it to Sprint where I learned the the motherboard just up and died from no fault of my own. They didn't have any more 3Ds in stock, so the manager was really flexible and gave me a choice between a loaner phone while they reordered or replacing it with either the Evo Design or Motorola Photon.

(To summarize the differences: the Design has the same 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 5MP camera as the 3D, but without the unused 3D gimmick. The Photon has an 8MP camera with a 1GHz dual-core.)

I went with the Photon and I'm really glad I did.


That's right, the Photon has sidetone and I absolutely love it! Having actual conversations on my phone is now a treat.

I let a couple co-workers try it and they both agreed that it feels more intimate and warm, but my wife responded with wet-blanket-indifference. (We're a married couple. It's what we do.) A couple days later she borrowed my phone to make a few calls and she changed her tune -- she now says calls just sound better on the Photon, like they're more clear than her 3D.

Sidetone will be a requirement for all of my phones from here on out. I've read that Apple introduced it with iPhone 4S, which probably means it'll probably be standard on all smartphones in the near future.