iPad: Yes, I will.

Today I learned that Amazon and Barnes & Noble will be launching apps to support the iPad as an e-book reader. I've been secretly wanting an iPad (read: I haven't been bugging my wife yet), but this news puts me over the edge – now I really want an iPad.

I think it's fantastic news that Amazon and B&N have the wisdom to recognize that their core product (media) is where the money is, not the platforms they've launched (Kindle & Nook). I wonder what the conversations are like over at Apple – do they resent the competition with their iBook stuff or do they recognize that people like me are now more interested in the iPad platform?

So here I am, really, really eager for the iPad. Yeah, it's got some flaws, but it's a great e-reader solution as far as I can see. Right now I've got this great book that I've been slogging through on Project Management, but it's proven difficult because it's a PDF. I find my attention span wanes when I'm trying to read from a monitor (I blame the internet) and reading on my iPod Touch is a bit laborious. Solution? $600 and a whole lot of pleading with my wife.