Double Fine, Kickstarter & Crowd-source Publishing

I firmly believe that history was made today.

Double Fine reached out to their fans directly to help them fund a new videogame via Kickstarter and had their goal of $400,000 smashed within 8 hours. By the end of the first day of putting the call out, they earned over a million.

This is the day of $30 million game budgets, so $1 million isn't necessarily a lot on its own, let alone $400k, but Tim Schafer and his studio aren't bound by a traditional publisher.

They aren't answering to some other company's business needs and they don't have to develop a game that's everything to everyone. They're in a unique position of working directly with and for their audience and I'll bet they're going to change the entire entertainment industry as a result.

Imagine music, movies, books and TV. How would they be without the limitations of dated business models, studio conglomerates, distribution conflicts or puritanical advertisers?

I'm sure Double Fine will produce a great game, but I'm more interested in how the way they got funded will affect so many industries.