Disney: An Educational Trip

My wife and I had a great time during our recent Disney getaway. It's the first time we've ever really "vacationed" during our 8 years together. (We even skipped a honeymoon!) Epcot was a disappointment, being that there's nothing to do there but eat once you move past Future World, but we really loved our stay at the POP Resort and our visits to Downtown Disney.

During our trip, I learned a few things:

  1. When going on vacation, try to make more time than just a 3-day weekend.  We're lucky to live within a two-hour drive of Disney, but I would have liked a "down" day at the resort and rushing on a Sunday night to get ready for the work week is never fun.

  2. I really like the benefits of a "packaged" vacation. We stayed at a really inexpensive Disney resort, and the room kind of reflected that, but buses were always running to and from everywhere we wanted. It's so awesome to not have to worry about stupid details like driving directions or traffic or paying for parking.

  3. When going to Disney, BRING LOTS OF MONEY. We weren't hurting or anything, but you just can't get a decent meal for less than $15 and a bottle of water will run you $3.

  4. Skip Epcot and just go hang out at Downtown Disney. All the same sites, better food (Raglan Road is fantastic!), you can catch a movie and you'll save yourself $80 per person.

My wife and I have agreed that we need to make more time for getaways, we're hard working people and we deserve it, but for next time we're debating between a longer Disney stay and some kind of cruise. (I'm adverse to water and sun, so guess which way my vote goes.)