Dear Past Me, Keep Thinking

We all wish we knew then what we know now. What would you say to yourself at the start of your current career? "Dear Past Me" is a series of posts where I explore just that.

It's a sad thing, but there will be times when you're less appreciated for being thoughtful and creative than for being able to perform a task others can't. Accept it for what it is and let it go. It's a part of working for someone else and it helps keep the lights on...

Just Don't Turn Off Your Brain

Sure, it's easier to get through mundane tasks when you're on autopilot: washing dishes, digging ditches and typing out 3 pages of faxed text because a client refuses to send an e-mail all come to mind. That's okay -- listen to some music or a podcast or whatever keeps you sane -- but if you stop thinking for yourself then you'll eventually run into problems.

We can't always be presented with interesting problems and we won't always be learning new things, but firing a few extra synapses will keep you from making stupid mistakes and looking like a jackass.