Captain Obvious on Engaging Customers

I think one of the best ways to capture the interest of customers is to gasp be interesting. I know, it seems like a bunch of crap -- why would anyone want to enjoy reading what a company has to say? What would we do with all the dry, faceless corporate text that's out there? (Probably the same thing we're doing now; ignoring it.)

The Exceptions Should Be the Rule

My wife and I ordered a gift online and I was delighted by the auto-responder:

Dear Cory,

Thank you for ordering Zoomdoggle's BuckyBalls. You did the right thing. I mean, not if you were planning on getting anything done the day they arrive, but if you're the type who likes fun stuff, whiling away the hours, and magnets, BuckyBalls are buckets of fun.

One thing to know: BuckyBalls come with no instructions—"figuring 'em out is part of the fun!"—but periodically we'll be posting how-to's to our blog, Keep en eye out.

Last but not least, odds are your friends are going to want a set as soon as they see yours. So long as they don't want to rub them against pacemakers or hand them to children (we're included a complete set of warnings in your package, but some things you just can't say enough), we figure any friend of yours is a friend of ours. Slip them product code "GetBucked." That'll give them 10% off and feel like they've just been high-fived by Santa. How fun is that?

I guess that's all. We'll be dropping them in the mail in 3-7 business days and sending them out USPS (You'll get an email from us when Mr. Postman picks up your order.) U.S. order should take about 3-4 days from the time they are shipped and International orders about 6-10.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Jakehimself

PS: Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or wholesale inquiries at

They already got our money, but they still went out of their way to improve the experience. A few things happened as a result:

This kind of crafted message wouldn't work for something like Amazon or iTunes (not that a little personality would hurt them) but I think it works really well for