BM? High-five!

My wife sent me a message today that read, "Mia just pooped on the potty." Being that I'm 1) stupid, and 2) a proud parent, I told my friends at the office to the expected amount of ambivalence. Samantha and I have joked about how odd it is that we casually talk about another human being's bodily functions, but now we're practically high-fiving each other because our daughter took a shit in a designated container. Parenthood turns otherwise reasonable people in real weirdos.

Speaking of pooping in a little plastic toilet, Don Mattrick has left Microsoft for Zynga just a few weeks after leading the Xbox team into a minefield at E3. Polygon has a fantastic write-up on the topic, but the extremely short version is that Microsoft really, really botched their messaging at a recent gaming expo and then Mattrick went on to dig the hole deeper with some follow-up comments.

The fact that someone is leaving Microsoft isn't that surprising, but to move to Zynga is like escaping a fire by boarding a sinking ship -- I'm not sure what to think about Zynga's stock going up like 11% in response. (If you've never heard any insight on Zynga, here's a great Reddit AMA from one of the people they recently laid off.)

For record, I'm patiently waiting to see if Microsoft can sort things out for the Xbox One -- with indie developer support being my biggest concern -- but I'm no fan of Zynga and they can continue to sink for all I care.