Rails Rumble 2013

It's been just about a month since I finished my second Rails Rumble. For our entry KidVi.de, we put together a child-friendly interface for YouTube that let parents curate the videos they can watch by connecting and syncing with a YouTube playlist.

Today I Hung a Mirror

What was supposed to be a 30-minute chore turned into a frustrating reminder that maddening design constraints aren't limited to my day job.

The Challenge of Simplicity

Simplicity is hard. It requires diligence and a lot of intentional effort, but clutter and complication has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

WordPress to Jekyll Conversion

So, this is my first post since I converted my site from WordPress to Jekyll. It was a really good experience and I learned a lot from it.

Appointment Ledger: Addendum

Not 18 hours after posting about a weird code smell, we found a better solution to using NotificationCenter: exclusiveTouch. Actually, by "we" I mean "John", the principal software developer I'm working with for our lane application.

The Appointment Ledger Smells Funny

I recently posted about how my brain leaks out all the Objective-C I know if I go too long without using it, which is barely an exaggeration,  so I made some time in my day this past Friday to clear out a last-minute bug. In that same post, I mentioned how I fell in love with NSNotificationCenter, which I used to try to handle a bug where the UI gets all wonky if the the user taps the VIN Search button while the user had focus on the SearchBar. (I'm simply disabling the VIN Search button until the SearchBar resigns first responder.)

One More Thing...

We've been designing up new dashboards in the app for Subaru and some of the frustrations of client work have been flooding back. I feel like I put up a good fight when it comes to reigning... ambitious... ideas back down to earth, but some times they sneak something in during a review that I just can't deal well with.

iOS Brain Leak

I've found myself working in iOS again for the past few days for the first time in over a month. Every time I go back to it after a long hiatus I discover just how much Objective-C I've forgotten since the last time.

BM? High-five!

My wife sent me a message today that read, "Mia just pooped on the potty." Being that I'm 1) stupid, and 2) a proud parent, I told my friends at the office to the expected amount of ambivalence. Samantha and I have joked about how odd it is that we casually talk about another human being's bodily functions, but now we're practically high-fiving each other because our daughter took a shit in a designated container. Parenthood turns otherwise reasonable people in real weirdos.